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Take back your FREEDOM!

We provide expertise in

Tax Preparation,

Business Bookkeeping, 

& Business Consulting



Services are hybrid, remote and in person
Service Menu:
  • Tax: Advisory & Preparation 
  • Bookkeeping
  • Consulting

Tax Services

Annual Taxes


We prepare Individual Tax Returns.


As well we prepare Business Tax Returns for our current bookkeeping clients. Please make an appointment and we can review your books before tax time! 

***Ask about our Tax Advisory Program for year round personalized guidance and advice. [Before it is too late-Avoid large balances due, compounding penalties and more!]

Tax Checkup


Schedule a quick 30-60 minute meeting to review where you are at for the year. Life changes can require you to withhold more or less. We can help you so there will be no surprises come tax time!

***This is included in our Tax Advisory Program

Tax Catch Up


Are you multiple years behind filing your taxes?  Lets get you back on track!

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Clean Up


Is your bookkeeping stressing you out? Do you want the benefits of having your books in order but just don't know how to get or keep them there?


We can help you setup your books. We also can help you clean up your books - no judgment.


We appreciate a challenge around here and pride ourselves in helping relieve the burden and stress financials gone wild can bring. 

Monthly Bookkeeping


Let us help you organize your accounts every month using QuickBooks. You will be prepared with the accurate timely financials needed to make important decisions for your business.

Payroll Setup


We can help you set up your payroll.  *However, we do not submit/run your payroll.

1099 Preparation


This is an add on service for current clients who would like us to file their 1099's (Due by January 31st each year).

Workers Comp Audits


This is an add on service for current clients where we can help fill out the form for your WC Audits.

Consulting Services

Business Consulting


Consulting comes with our monthly services. However, if not a client we can help you with questions regarding your business planning, structure, review of notices received from regulatory bureau's and more. 



We can offer client specific training to current clients in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Excel, Word and more.



PO BOX 114, Ware, MA 01082

Office: Belchertown, MA, 01007

(by appointment only)


Tel:  413-200-7271


Please feel free to book an appointment here on our site or email/call to inquire. We will reply within 24-48 hours.


OUR Firm

"Bringing Balance to Your Life"


We know small business, having owned multiple small businesses and worked with many more. We know how hard it is as a business owner, to wear all the hats! You started your business most likely to focus on your passion, your trade. Most people didn't start their business to learn finances. At Freedom Bookkeeping & Consulting our motto is "Bringing Balance to Your Life". 


When we partner together we consider ourselves a part of your team. We want small businesses to succeed. We believe small businesses are the backbone of our country. At FBC you will have someone you can count on to deliver accurate and reliable finances as well as give you professional guidance. This allows you to get back to what you enjoy about your business!


Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you soon.

Reviews help small businesses survive and improve their services. They help others make informed choices. Please consider leaving a positive review. Before leaving a negative review please reach out to us so we can try to make it better! 



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